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My work

I have worked as a web developer since 1998. You can see some of my references on the left side navigation menu. Every one of them is an individual project of mine, I designed the graphics, took the photographs (or used customer given materials), developed code with a text editor, built SQL databases, set up the server and other components to develop the sites and make them available on the world wide web. I can produce a complete web presence from my client's ideas.

Why is it good to have a website made by AyacLab?

  • I install my sites onto servers that have high speed internet access and optimize the code as much as possible, therefore your pages download faster.

  • I help registering your pages in search engines for free and make sure they achieve as good ranking/visibility as possible. The right balanced code, keywords and other practical techniques can surprisingly elevate your popularity. There are also paid services that can give you guaranteed, signicifant amount of traffic and high position that you can verify easily, no magic it is real.

  • My servers are hosted by a big company with a huge, secure data center that is maintained by a group of IT technicians 24/7 to minimize problems, with same day failed hardware replacement, backups etc.

  • Those who have account(s) with me will get a login ID and a password that they can use to get into my website. They can follow some information about their hosting and domain name(s) expiration, plus get a comprehensive web-statistics service (Livestats), traffic for customizable time ranges, most visited pages, downloaded files, referral links, visitors that were driven by search engines and much more.

  • I try to resolve issues as soon as possible, while I am continuously informing my clients in case of a problem. I use automatic mechanisms to keep track of any problems that may occure at any times on any of my websites.

  • I can reserve domain names almost immediately (.org, .com, .net, .info, .co.uk etc.) and can set them up so they can work within 24-48 hours. I also take care of domain extensions if you request it.

  • I have developed websites since 1999 and have many good references that are a guarantee of my work. I try to continuously keep myself updated about how the internet envolves, expand my experience and do the best that I can for my clients to satisfy their needs. My goal is to create something that represents unique value, something that is different than other, "comes in a box" solutions that are pretty much all the same and you can buy everywhere.
    It does not matter how well designed pages you have if nobody finds it on the internet, nor how well your pages are coded if the site is unusable for your target audience, because they either do not find what they need or just simply can not wait for that long to download it.

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