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Hello World!

Err... I mean, hello dear visitor! I am glad you found my site in this huge jungle of the internet. First of all, if you want to have a website then you are at the right place. It is also a good site if you just want to know more about me.

What is AyacLab? It is a long story... it started in the mid 80s, when Commodore was famous and we used tape recorders or (in wealthier families) real flexible 5.25 floppy discs to store our games and other data.
Once in a calm, cosy afternoon, I opened my English-Hungarian dictionary to find a nice foreign sounding nick name, so I can sign my latest "binary creatures" and the hit list of computer games. I had been Remington for a while named after our old typewriter but I quickly realized that was not a good choice because of the teasing I received from my friends (you know about the shaving stuff...) and was already invented anyway... I wanted a unique name... hmm... Aya... that was short enough (fits even in the three letter long hit lists! :), and even though it had no meaning I thought it might be easy to play with the letters A Y A. I checked the dictionary and found ayah, which means Hindu nanny. I thought this was not bad since I actually was kind of a nanny, taking care of, troubleshooting computers and of their users. So I finally changed the letter "h" to "c", since "c" was the first letter in computers. My nickname Ayac is still in use today but I attached Lab extension to it so it could not be mixed up with some Asian hentai cartoon figure...

This was the story of Ayac. Go ahead, look around! The my works button shows some of my current websites that run on my dedicated servers. They all are made by me from scratch (graphics design, programming, database, hosting.) As you can tell, I use notepad a lot ;)...
I like taking pictures with professional, Canon EOS digital SLR cameras with a few sets of lens and I use them on my sites and/or offer them for sale. It is a great hobby and serious work as well.
Last but not least, if you are one of my customers, you can log onto a hidden part of my website using your ID and password where you can get a lot of information about your site(s) and manage a few things...


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